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If you own a home or business in a place like Amity, there are a variety of pest problems that should be your main priority. Unfortunately, trying to take care of these pest problems on your own will leave you frustrated and possibly put everything that matters most to you in danger. Instead of risking your home or business to destructive termites, disease-spreading rodents, roaches, and more, partner with the experienced solutions that can give you professional assurances. At Advanced Pest Control, we provide all of the following benefits and more to our Amity area residential and commercial clients:
  • Over 18 years of pest control experience
  • Most effective pest control solutions in the industry
  • Experienced pest technicians
  • Free estimates
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Home Pest Control In Amity, AR

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Owning a home in Amity means that you might be fighting an uphill battle against pests all year long. However, thanks to Advanced Pest Control, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. Why put your home and family at risk when there are professional assurances right down the road?

Since we are Amity area residents as well, we take pride in protecting the families around here from any sort of pest problems that could arise on their properties. That’s why our high-quality solutions are administered by the most experienced pest technicians in the area.

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Commercial Pest Control In Amity, AR

As a business owner in a place like Amity, you have to worry about enough without stressing about   pest control problems. That’s why you should leave your pest problems to the pros instead of putting your reputation in the community at risk. In a place like Amity, one pest problem could lead to your business going viral on social media, so professional pest control is a must.

Instead of being just another box to check off of the list when you partner with one of the larger pest control companies in the area, get the personal touch provided by our Advanced Pest Control technicians. We have high-quality solutions that can ensure you have a pest-free facility, and we will always make you feel like our top priority. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our commercial pest control experts.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Amity Home

If you have rodents in your Amity home, they will not only damage your property but will also put your family at risk. Rodents all feature sharp teeth and flexible bodies, so they can squeeze into your home very easily after chewing a hole in the side of your house. If they enter through your attic or basement, they will chew through a variety of your stored goods or even damage your air conditioning system and electrical wiring.

Along with home damage, they can also bring dangerous parasites onto your property. As they move around, they can spread harmful bacteria to your stored foods or meal preparation areas. That’s why rodent prevention should be high on your priority list.

Unfortunately, rodents will reproduce very rapidly within your walls, so it can be incredibly difficult to keep pace with store-bought remedies like traps and poisons. Instead of putting your home and family at prolonged risk, partner with an Advanced Pest Control technician that can give you professional assurances where they matter most. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our highly trained rodent control experts.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Termites In Amity?

If termites invade your family home, it’s important to spot signs of an infestation early. Termites can do thousands of dollars worth of damage in just under two years of activity on your property, so it’s important to recognize a problem as soon as possible. Here are a few telltale signs of termite activity on your property:
  • Mud tubes along the foundation walls
  • Visible damage to exposed wood
  • Shed wings of termite swarmers
  • Tightening around doors and windows
If you do notice these signs, it’s important to get professional help immediately. Store-bought remedies will only take care of a small portion of the infestation, leaving a large portion of the problem unaffected in other areas of the property. This false sense of security could lead to you letting termites chew through other portions of your home’s foundation for years, causing severe damage. Instead of putting your home and equity at risk, partner with an Advanced Pest Control technician who can get to the root of the problem. Give us a call today for a free estimate on expert termite prevention and eradication for your Amity property.

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Doesn’t Work In Amity

When you start waking up with small red, itchy bumps on your arms and legs, you may wonder what is going on and where they are coming from. One answer you probably won’t think of is bed bugs. Most people don’t think bed bugs can be a problem in their home, but they are becoming a bigger problem in residential neighborhoods across America.

If you suspect a bed bug problem in your home, you need to get professional pest control help immediately. You can try the DIY approaches that you find online, but none of them are proven to fully eliminate an infestation. With as fast as bed bugs can multiply, leaving a few of these pests behind means they will be all over your house again quickly.

Our trained bed bug control exterminators can quickly eliminate your bed bug problem. After conducting a thorough inspection, we will treat your home. We will return after a month for a follow-up treatment to make sure your home is bed bug-free, and you can sleep comfortably.

Why Amity Homeowners Should Call The Pros For Cockroaches

The more you learn about cockroaches, the more you don’t want them around. Who wants a pest in their home that can live for a week without its head or survive below-freezing temperatures? Cockroaches can do both of those things. They also spread a variety of diseases, contaminate food, and can cause asthma attacks. Cockroaches can be hard to get rid of because they are hard to find. Even if you see a few cockroaches, most of the infestation is hidden in the areas of your home where you can’t see them.

Because of the dangers that come with cockroaches, you shouldn’t take a chance trying to get rid of them yourself. Instead of trying to go it alone, let one of our professionals inspect your home, and determine the species of cockroach that is infesting your home and where they are. They will get to the root of your cockroach problem, treating your home and making follow-up visits to ensure the infestation is eliminated.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Amity?

When it comes to pests we fear, spiders are at the top of the list. We see them in horror movies and all over scary Halloween decorations. With their eight long legs and creepy eyes, it is easy to understand how they’ve earned their spot in our nightmares. As scared as we are of spiders, most of that fear is overblown. Most species of spider we have here in Amity are harmless to humans, considered more of a nuisance than a threat. There are two species that can be dangerous:
  • Black widow: The black widow gets its name from the myth that the females eat the males after mating. This spider is easily recognizable by its dark black color and the red hourglass-shaped markings on its abdomen. A bite from a black widow can cause nausea, muscle aches, and breathing difficulty. Without medical attention, it could be fatal.
  • Brown recluse: The brown recluse is brown in color with a dark brown violin-shaped marking on its back. They are usually found around rock piles, utility boxes, woodpiles, and other similar areas. A brown recluse bite can be very painful, starting as a small blister that grows over six to eight hours. A bite can cause nausea, restlessness, trouble sleeping, and without treatment will gradually leave an open sore that can expose muscle or bone.
For help identifying and removing the spiders around your home, contact us. Our exterminators can determine what species of spider is in your home and safely remove them so you can enjoy your time at home without worrying about spiders.

Avoiding Ant Infestations Outside Your Amity Home

Living in Arkansas, it can feel like ants are part of life. They are such a common pest you just learn to live with them. You keep spray in your house, treatment for your yard in the garage, and know-how to step around piles. While it may feel like ants are unavoidable, there are ways to prevent an ant infestation in your backyard. Here are some steps you can take:
  • Keep your grass cut short.
  • Fill in bare patches that can provide a nesting site for ants.
  • Eliminate moisture around your yard by making sure gutters and downspouts function properly, repairing leaking pipes, and fixing broken HVAC units.
  • Pick up any fruit that has fallen.
  • Clear landscape debris and leaf piles that can provide harborage sites.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outside.
  • Get professional help.
To control ants, there is no substitute for professional help. At Advanced Pest Control, our exterminators are trained in ant control and treatment. We can work with you to keep your yard free of ants so you can enjoy being outside without worrying about these annoying little pests.
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