Are You Properly Checking For Bed Bugs In Hot Springs?

August 30, 2022 - Bed Bugs

If you live in Hot Springs, the chances are good that you’ve had the displeasure of meeting bed bugs. These pesky little creatures can wreak havoc on your home, and they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of.

They may not spread disease, but they’ll cause you and your family to lose sleep at night with their itchy bites. Plus, they multiply unimaginably fast. That’s why it’s so vital to call pest control in Hot Springs as soon as you see one. They’ll know what to do.

How To Properly Check For Bed Bugs

If you feel you might have bed bugs, there are a few things you should do.

1. Check your sheets and pillowcases for any brown or red spots. These could be bed bug droppings or blood stains from their bites.

2. Take a close look at your mattress seams and box spring. Bed bugs like to hide in tight, dark spaces.

3. Check any other areas where you think people might sit or lie down in your home. This includes couches, chairs, and even carpeting.

If you find bed bugs in any of these places, you can practice bed bug control with the help of a professional pest control company. They’ll have the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively eliminate the problem.

Signs Of Bed Bugs On Furniture

In addition to checking your bedding, it’s also a good idea to inspect any furniture in your home for signs of bed bugs. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Small brown or red spots on the fabric.
  • Tiny black dots on the wood.
  • Egg casings or bugs themselves.
  • A musky odor.
  • Bed bug carcasses.

If you see any of these signs, don’t try to handle it alone, as you may make the infestation worse. Call a professional pest control company instead. They have what it takes to perform bed bug pest control in Hot Springs effectively.

What To Do If You Find A Bed Bug In Your Home

After spotting these pesky creatures in your Hot Springs space, you should do the following:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Clean and declutter your house- this is one of the best bed bug control techniques for your home.
  • Make sure they’re bed bugs and not any other critter.
  • Freeze them out of your space.
  • Destroy your mattress if you choose to dispose of it- it’s an effective pest control to kill bed bugs.
  • Steam and vacuum your carpets to get rid of them.
  • Don’t buy used furniture.
  • Call professional pest control- choose bed bug control companies near you.

Professional Bed Bug Control In Hot Springs

The best way to deal with the buggers for good is by calling reputable bed bugs control services in Hot Springs like Advanced Pest Control. We have over ten years of pest control experience and put you and your family’s well-being above all else.

We’re based in Hot Springs, AR, and waste no time eradicating the pests off your property. Our first line of action is inspecting your home, especially the areas the bugs are likely to hide.

Then, we exterminate them using high-quality solutions that put your family first. We strive not to cause any alarm and act fast to cover more area within a short time. Our friendly technicians will provide some ways you can keep your space bug-free.

Finally, we’ll perform follow-up visits to ensure your home remains free of the nightmares. See what we’re all about today.

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