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Hot Springs is a large and popular city between Saline and Garland County, drawing a lot of attention due to its close proximity to Little Rock. Set between both counties, the hamlet of Hot Springs Village is an offshoot of the city’s more rural population. While Hot Springs Village may only be 13,000 people strong, residents of this town are fortunate to be located between two separate metropolitan areas. More than 26,000 wooded acres are under the protection of the local Homeowners Association, which ensures that all properties stay beautiful and well-maintained for their residents. 

While the Hot Springs Village Homeowners Association works diligently to keep problems at bay, some unfortunate circumstances operate far beyond their control. Increasing pest activity is an excellent example of this, with more and more infestations reported every year. 

That’s where the professional team at Advanced Pest Control comes in. We have been diligently serving the home and business owners of Hot Springs Village with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. You’ve done your research; let our professionals take care of the rest. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Home Pest Control In Hot Springs Village, AR

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Hot Springs Village is a tightly knit community, offering some of the best amenities in the state to all those who live there. With so much to do and see, pest infestations and their effects are nowhere near the front of your mind. However, it is important to defend your family long before pests ever access your home.

Advanced Pest Control specializes in year-round residential management series, working to prevent pests long before they reach your lawn. We work with you directly to innovate solutions that matter, translating projects into actionable solutions for the future.

Here’s what we can do to help:

  • General pest control services
  • Specialty pest control services
  • Quarterly or monthly treatment

Put yourself in good hands. Submit a contact form to schedule a home pest control plan in Hot Springs Village with Advanced Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Hot Springs Village, AR

Hot Springs Village caters to a friendly, trusting, and hardworking population. Businesses that choose to set roots here should provide a deep level of care for clients, one that goes far beyond loyalty cards or brief conversations. The investment in an ongoing pest control plan from Advanced Pest Control helps business owners get and keep clients for the long term. We ensure that pests stay out and profits stay in by:
  •   Giving you an accurate report of current pest activity.
  •   Providing fast-acting products to address concerns.
  •   Offering treatments and services that follow up for free .
Advanced Pest Control makes it easy to control pests by offering a get-and-forget method of prevention. Reach out to us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Hot Springs Village, AR.

Three Signs That Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Hot Springs Village, AR Home

Any home in Hot Springs Village is susceptible to bed bug infestations. Although we often associate these insects with ‘dirty’ or ‘degraded’ homes, these pests are known to crop up in any environment. One of the most frustrating and potentially dangerous aspects of bed bugs is they’re hard to remove from the home. Long-term infestations may cause insomnia, constant scratching, and even secondary infestations. Here are three signs that bed bugs are present in your Hot Springs Village home:
  1. A sweet scent that does not seem to have a clear origin point
  2. The presence of exoskeletons piled underneath doors, near windows, or by bedding areas
  3. Red or brown blotches on pajamas, bed sheets, pillows, or furniture
You can’t get rid of bed bugs through DIY treatment alone. If even one of these signs is evident around your property, it’s wise to contact Advanced Pest Control for specialty bed bug services in Hot Springs Village. We are here to help!

Common Wildlife Problems Everyone In Hot Springs Village, AR Faces

With thousands of acres of wooded property, it’s no wonder home and business owners in Hot Springs Village battle a never-ending number of wildlife creatures. Most animals, including raccoons, opossums, and snakes, prefer to stay outside and far away from humans. However, these animals are completely comfortable hanging around backyards, garden beds, and other landscaping.

Here are some common problems that everyone in Hot Springs Village faces.

  • Finding raccoons and opossums rifling through your garbage bags or bins
  • Spotting bats around the roof or eaves of the home
  • Catching pesky deer eating the flowers and shrubs in your garden
  • Discovering snakes near foundations of your house

Put wildlife concerns out of your mind by securing your place on Advanced Pest Control’s service roster. Our animal trapping and relocation services are perfect for creatures big and small. We are looking forward to making a difference for your home and family.

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