The Key To Effectively Dealing With Mosquitoes In Hot Springs

September 20, 2022 - Mosquitoes

Learning how to get rid of mosquitoes in Hot Springs doesn’t need to be the major challenge you would think it is. Our article aims to help you understand the best way to prevent and remove populations of mosquitoes around your property and tells you when professional Hot Springs pest control might be necessary.

Does DIY Mosquito Control Work?

There are several home remedies to keep mosquitoes away that we often discuss when it comes to mosquito control. However, these DIY control tips can often be a trial-and-error process. There is no guarantee that following DIY mosquito control methods can help you eradicate the root cause of your Hot Springs mosquito problem. There are easy ways to repel mosquitoes, including proactive prevention and treatment, which we discuss below.

Mosquito Prevention Tips That Work

Out of all the mosquito prevention tips you see, only some will work well enough to help deter mosquito populations and stop this pest from invading your property. Here we list our favorite, most effective prevention tips:

  • Removing standing water around your property is a top way to keep mosquito infestations from starting, as they seek out standing water to lay their eggs.
  • Cutting back long grasses and overgrown foliage and removing debris outdoors helps to reduce moist, shady areas where mosquitoes love to hide.
  • Using plants that ward off mosquitoes, such as citronella, lemongrass, and marigolds around your property can deter this pest due to their pungent smell.
  • Putting window and door screens in place and keeping exterior doors and windows closed when possible can prevent mosquito infestations around interior areas.

These tips should help you start treating a widespread mosquito infestation and reduce the attractiveness of your property to this pest.

Mosquito Prevention Tips That Probably Will Not Work

Some mosquito prevention tips are so abundant that they most likely won’t work, no matter how much you try. Prevention tips that will probably fall short include:

  • Vitamin B1 skin patches, which some believe will repel mosquitoes.
  • Even though the odor of citronella candles can repel mosquitoes, the candles usually aren’t strong enough.
  • Bug repellant wristbands and bracelets are unlikely to affect repelling mosquitoes or deter this pest from settling on your property.

Instead of investing in these likely-to-fail prevention tips, you should be mosquito-proofing your property and reaching out to Advanced Pest Control with any other questions about removing mosquito infestations.

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Always The Best Option

For mosquito control, you can count on working every time; professional treatment is always the best option. Professional mosquito control ensures that mosquito populations are taken care of, allowing you to stay safe from the diseases you can get from mosquitoes via their bites and the nuisance of having this pest always buzzing around.

At Advanced Pest Control, our dedicated technicians will help you battle any mosquito infestation on your property, no matter the size or severity. With our help, you won’t need to worry about the trial-and-error nature of DIY remedies, nor will you have to fret about repellants and prevention tips not working. Trust Advanced Pest Control to remove your mosquito problems, and contact us today to get started.

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